Dr. Todd Dufresne, Professor


Dr. Todd Dufresne
Ryan Building  - Room 3007
E-mail: see Faculty/Staff link
Dr. Todd Dufresne teaches the following courses, though not all in the same year.  He can be contacted for information regarding current and future course offerings:
  • Introduction to Philosophy: Origins
  • Introduction to Philosophy: Modern Developments Thought
  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • Cultural Studies & Postmodernism
  • Aesthetics
  • Freud &Philosophy
  • Special Topic: Film and Contemporary Philosophy
  • Introduction to Continental Philosophy 
  • Topics in Continental Philosophy  

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         The Economy as Cultural System: Theory, Capitalism, Crisis
   Todd Dufresne is a Professor of Philosophy, and founding Director of The Advanced Institute for Globalization & Culture (aig+c). He has been an Associated Scholar at The Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto, 2008-2011. And in 2011-2012 he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto, where he taught a course on Freud for the Department of Philosophy.
    Dufresne is a Freud scholar with an expertise in twentieth century theory, including Continental Philosophy. He teaches a variety of courses: Intro Philosophy; Cultural Studies & Postmodernism; Continental Philosophy; Social & Political Philosophy;  and Film & Contemporary Philosophy.
   He has been two-term Philosophy Chair, Interim Division Head of Human Sciences at The Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Interim Chair of The Research Ethics Board, Research Chair of Social and Cultural Theory (2008-2010). In addition to serving as Director for the aig+c, he has served on the Canada Research Chair Selection & Renewal Committee, FGS Membership Committee, and an ad hoc Faculty Committee for the establishment of Cultural Studies at Lakehead University.
  In his capacity as acting SSHRC Leader (2009-2010), Dufresne prepared a report which is available online http://research.lakeheadu.ca/ tri-council_reps.html
     Dufresne is an internationally known critic of Freud and psychoanalysis.  Tales From the Freudian Crypt  2000 has been called 'brilliant', 'provocative', and 'ground-breaking'.  Published by Stanford University Press, the book was translated into Japanese by Fuhito Endo for Misuzu-Shobou in 2010.  Dufresne's collection of accessible reflections called Killing Freud, appeared in 2003 and was reviewed  in The Independent (2003); and in Metapsychology (2009); Max Leibman has also reviewed it on his Blog Higher Process. The Economist called it "cruelly witty," while The Independent said "its erudition offers sure-fire caviar."  The book was reissued in 2006 and translated into Indonesian by Agus Riyanto for Penerbit Kanisius in 2010.  A fifth book, Against Freud, was published in 2007 at SUP and was reviewed on H-Net. In 2011, Dufresne published a critical edition of Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle for Broadview Books. This book includes twenty-five essays of relevance to Freud's text by scholars such as Klein, Lacan, Deleuze, Derrida, Baudrillard, Butler, and Zizek.
   Dufresne produced Superior Art, in 2012, co-edited with Clara Sacchetti Mark Nisenholt,  and Kezia Picard and published at Agency Books and Definitely Superior ARt Gallery, Thunder Bay; it is available for free download at Google Books. The book celebrates and profiles local artists in the context of transnationalism. Other recent books include a Broadview edition of Freud's The Future of an Illusion and The Ecomony as Cultural System (Bloomsbury), edited with Clara Sacchetti -- both published in 2012. Current book projects include: a book on the late works of Freud; a third Broadview Freud volume, this one on Civilization and Its Discontents (forthcoming 2014); and a book on philosophy's recent interest in Hollywood films.
    Recent journal articles and/or book chapters include "Psychoanalysis Eats Its Own: Or, The Heretical Saint Roazen" for Psychoanalysis and History; "After Beyond Comes the Future: Freud's Absurdist Theatre of Reason" for English Studies in Canada; "Buying Andy Warhol," a short review essay for The European Legacy; "The Reluctantly Postmodernist Richard Florida: Place & The Aesthetics of Economic Development", with Clara Sacchetti, for Transitions in Marginal Zones in the Age of Globalization; and "On Film, theory, & 'Film as Philosophy': Or, Philosophy goes 'Pop' " for Film and Philosophy. Dufresne also curated an art exhibit in  2011 for the aig+c. Featuring the oil paintings of Elizabeth Buset, the exhibit was called "Icons of Everyday Life". The Florida essay and the Curator's Startement are both reprinted on the aig+c website.
    Other work available online includes an editorial "What's New for Psychoanalysis." Special Issue Introduction in The Semiotic Review of Books ; an Op Ed for the LA Times titled "Freud is Dead -- So How does that make you feel?"; a review of Edwin Hersch's From Philosophy to Psychotherapy  for the University of Toronto Quarterly; and, for the Globe and Mail Saturday's Books section 'Is psychiatry a failure? a review of Prescriptions for the Mind by Joel Paris and Doctoring the Mind by Richard Bentall.
  • Dufresne received a SSHRC Standard Research Grant for research on the early history of trauma (2005-2008). This is his third SSHRC SRG
  • In the Spring of 2006 Dufresne was made one of forty "research stars" at Lakehead University
  • In the Winter of 2007 he was the recipient of the Distinguished Researcher Award  click here to view the Online Agora interview with Dr. Dufresne)
  • In the Spring of 2008 Dufresne was  made one of Lakehead University's first Research Chairs (2008-2010). He will research and complete new and ongoing book projects
  • In the Spring of 2008 Dufresne was also a successful Co-PI for an $85,000 SSHRC Grant intended to fund initiatives at The Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture (aig+c)
  • In July 2008 Dufresne was promoted from Associate Professor to Professor
1989 B.A. Philosophy, University of Western Ontario
1992 M.A./1997 Ph.D. Social & Political Thought,
         York University

The Economy as Cultural System, co-editor, (Bloomsbury Books, 2012)
The Future of an Illusion, editor, (Peterborough: Broadview Books, 2012)

Beyond the Pleasure Principle,  editor, (Peterborough: Broadview Books, 2011)

Against Freud:  Critics Talk Back, (Stanford: Stanford  University Press, 2007)
Killing Freud: 20th Century Culture and the Death of Psychoanalysis, (London & New York: Continuum, 2003), reissued in 2006; Indonesian translation 2010
Tales from the Freudian Crypt, with an Introduction by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000);  Japanese translation 2010
Returns of the "French Freud": Freud, Lacan, and Beyond, editor (New York and London: Routledge, 1997)
Freud Under Analysis, editor (Northvale: Aronson, 1997)